Explosive nitrogen created craters that pock Saturn moon Titan
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Do you like Earth's solid surface and life-inclined climate? Thank your lucky massive star. Fall Newsletter. Previous Slide Next Slide. Subscribe for weekly updates on Astronomy Department Events. Apply Now! Click here to make an appointment with an Astronomy Undergraduate Advisor.

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Show your SUPPORT We strive to support our students and faculty on the front lines of learning and research and to steward our planet, our community, our campus. Learn More Give Online. You'll find an amazing treasure chest of astronomical wonders, even if you don't have a telescope. Our most popular and free offering, " This Week's Sky at a Glance ," guides you to the naked-eye sky, highlighting the major constellations and planets viewable in the evening sky, with occasional dips into deep-sky territory.

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If you'd rather listen while under the stars, download our monthly astronomy podcast and take it with you when you venture out tonight for a guided tour to the night sky. Or do your own sleuthing with our interactive sky chart. If there are any major celestial events, such as comets, eclipses, or meteor showers, you'll find all the latest information including instructions on where to look and detailed sky charts in our observing news section.

Even though you don't need to know the Greek names of the constellations or understand the nature of black holes in order to relish the night sky, you might want to anyway.

You'll also find a growing supply of answers to frequently-asked astronomy questions , be they related to the hobby or science of astronomy. The naked-eye sky is full of astronomical treasures, and it gets even better with a little magnification.

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There are links to two flowcharts: a Earth-Venus-Mars comparison and a flowchart of the calculations involved in determining if an atmosphere sticks around for billions of years. I end the chapter with a discussion of the major moons in the solar system and ring systems. Updates: weather vs. Beautiful Planet photo album of nature photography has imagery of mountains, lakes, streams, waterfalls, large trees, flowers, aurorae, other landscape images and some images of insects and frogs. Most images are from the western United States but some are also from eastern Australia and the aurorae are from Fairbanks, Alaska.

The rest of the album are from various beautiful places in the western United States and eastern Australia. Answers to Global Warming Skeptics is a separate section about the climate change debate going on among the general public. Also, is a short "How I Know" PDF document with embedded links explaining why I accept the conclusion that Earth's climate is changing and that humans play a role—just one sheet of paper needed to print.

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After a wet winter in , the California Water Future article explains why water conservation is still needed. Determining Star Properties. Notes for the properties of stars and how we determine them. Things like distances to stars, their masses, radii, composition and speeds.

Also HR diagram, spectral types, and spectroscopic parallax. The dangers of selection effects and biased samples are also discussed with the application of finding what a typical star is like. Update: tweak to Inverse Square Law section. The Sun and Stellar Structure. This chapter covers: The Sun, interiors of stars, and nuclear fusion, neutrinos, the solar neutrino problem, and helioseismology. The concept of hydrostatic equilibrium is used to explain the mass-luminosity relation and the reason for the mass cut-off at the high and low ends.

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Updates: solar eclipse pictures, fixed broken links to external websites and added additional resources. Lives and Deaths of Stars.

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This chapter covers: stellar evolution all nine stages and stellar remnants white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes. The Interstellar Medium and the Milky Way. This chapter covers: the dust and gas between the stars and how we use the cm line radiation to map the Galaxy. Also, the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, our place in it, and how we determine these things. The rotation curve and the existence of the dark matter halo, stellar populations, and the galactic center are also discussed. Updates: fixed broken links to external websites and updated content.

Other Galaxies and Active Galaxies. This chapter covers: the characteristics of other normal galaxies, active galaxies, and finding distances to other galaxies this includes the distance-scale ladder. Also, large-scale structure is covered galaxy clusters and collisions and superclusters.

This chapter covers cosmology: the study of the nature, origin, and evolution of the universe as a whole. The distance-scale ladder topic is dealt with in the Steps to the Hubble Constant document.