Nonstoichiometric Oxides

Non-Stoichiometric Oxides of 3d-Metals
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The description of non-stoichiometric transition metal oxides.

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Research Institute of National Defence, Stockholm 1. Wadsley in an excellent review article 1.

He lists several different structural ways for compounds to change their compositions. Since then Wadsley 's ideas and conclusions have obtained further support from the preparation and the crystal structure determination of additional compounds, some of which will be discussed here. Groups of oxides.

Further attention has been paid to this theory and will also be reported here. The group is given in Table 1 and a selected part of it is represented. The symbols of the two groups above can be doped with 2.

A compound was formed which, according. The geometrical principles of this series are expressed in figure 3. Reaction mechanisms.

Nonstoichiometric Metal Oxides - Advances in Chemistry (ACS Publications)

Recently it was reported how a defect of the shear plane type can migrate through a crystal 5. The formation of a M structure NbF from a compound of the Re03 structure type was described. Tungsten and tungstenmolybde-num oxides, niobium oxides as well as titanium oxides could be treated in very much the same way. When the partial pressure of Mo03 was kept relatively low, MoNb isostructural with WNb was formed at all temperatures.

Nonstoichiometric Oxides (Materials science and technology)

After 8 minutes half the H-Nb mg had transformed into MoNb, and after 35 minutes the reaction was completed. Wood, G.

Gado, P. Acta phys. Anderson, J. Solids 28 , — Download references. Reprints and Permissions.

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Nonstoichiometric Oxides discusses the thermodynamic and structural studies of nonstoichiometric oxides. This eight-chapter text also covers the defect-defect. Nonstoichiometry is pervasive for metal oxides, especially when the metal is not in its highest oxidation state– For example.

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Interaction of small and extended defects in nonstoichiometric oxides

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